Songs in the key of life.

 Uncovering deeper wisdoms, finding one's sense of humor and a sense of proportion whenever possible leaves young people kinder, stronger, and more in tune with the world and themselves. These inner strengths can save them from turning into bullies, and can also help them better deal with bullies that might show up.

Our  songs and lesson units inspire critical thinking and align with English Language Arts. All song tracks feature fresh voices from our Vocals By Locals  Glee-like choir. Polished studio recordings include a full band. Many songs are piano based as to inspire students to practice piano. Melodies are crafted to help students sing more fluidly. Meaningful lyrics that dig deep help kids find their voices in life.

Behind the Songs

For a magical decade, Lessia mentored many giant crews of singing tweens and teens while also serving as informal counselor and producer. (CREW STORY video.) As students shared personal challenges with Lessia daily, she began helping them uncover solutions to their challenges by using powerful insight-packed song lyrics. From here our library was born!



The  Nonconformist

When Lessia Bonn's oldest son was seven, she put him a progressive alternative school. Ty was a quiet kid, gifted and quirky, comfortable in his own skin. On the first day at his new school, he wore his baseball cap, and was immediately told by a few others "You've got your cap on wrong. Turning it backwards is the cool way to wear a cap."  Ty smiled back and said "That's okay. I like it this way.” 

Needless to say, Ty soon become king of the classroom. By the time he hit sixth grade, the other kids were following him around like little puppies. It just seemed this quiet kid had something mysterious and cool going on... and he did! He was authentic.

Witnessing all this inspired amused mom, Lessia,  to pen a song called A Nonconformist. An involved parent and music teacher at the school, she brought the song to music class where it became an immediate hit! Not only did the kids take to the song, they also embraced the concept as every last kid decided suddenly they also wanted to be a nonconformist! Parents thanked Lessia profusely for handing their kids a clue with just one simple tune. This became an aha moment. Lessia thought  to herself "Wow, what if I write more songs like this this?"  And so she did!